Self Assessment

Governance Framework

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Governance self-assessment based on SHR’s Regulatory Standards

All RSLs must comply with Scottish Housing Regulator’s regulatory standards and guidance and, by doing so, to be able to demonstrate effective governance and sound financial management and deliver good outcomes for tenants.

SHN’s Meeting the Regulatory Standards framework was developed to assist our members in carrying out governance self-assessment. It was developed in collaboration with a Working Group consisting of both - board members and senior officers.

How it Works
The resource is split into workbooks designed to facilitate the self-assessment process both by individual board members and then collectively by a full Board with an option of benchmarking results against a peer group. The content of each self-assessment workbook is as follows:

Parameters and planning tables
To look at reasons for doing the assessment; what resources might be needed and the people who will be involved.

SWOT analysis table
The SWOT process is a simple but reliable method of quickly analysing elements of governance. It can be carried out in different ways: before the whole assessment (and after completion to compare the initial view and the findings from the self-assessment); to look at a single element e.g. The governing body leads and directs the RSL to achieve good outcomes for its tenants and other service users’ as a reality check (SWOT of key documents or single element of practice).

The remaining pages of each workbook contain score cards:

  • The governing body leads and directs the RSL to achieve good outcomes for its tenants and other service users.
  • The RSL is open about and accountable for what it does. It understands and takes account of the needs and priorities of its tenants, service users and stakeholders and its primary focus is the sustainable achievement of these priorities.
  • The RSL manages its resources to ensure its financial well-being and economic effectiveness.
  • The governing body bases its decisions on good quality information and advice and identifies and mitigates risks to the organisation’s purpose.
  • The RSL conducts its affairs with honesty and integrity.
  • The governing body and senior officers have the skills and knowledge they need to be effective

Evidence tables and Action plan tables – immediately after the scorecards

These templates allow you to:
  • score your progress. When you enter your score in the last column a RAG colour rating is displayed giving you an instant visual of progress
  • provide evidence for areas in which you score above 0. By putting in documentary or practice based evidence, you can learn about techniques used in/prepare for external scrutiny or use it for the organisation’s own practice e.g. as staff information/policies and procedures
  • take action in service elements which your scorecard (or SWOT) indicates are challenging

When you reach the score cards you need to remember the following tips:

Double click on the table of criteria to “activate”, this will allow you to enter scores

You must enter scores as follows

  • where the criteria is fully met, 3
  • where the criteria are almost met – depending on the opinion as to what degree, 2
  • where the criteria is partially met, 1
  • Zero, where the criteria is not met

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